Friday, August 5, 2011

The Space Committee

The issue of performance and rehearsal space availability was mentioned time and again on Monday. There are a lot of issues on the table - using the venues we have, finding new space, non-traditional spaces, and working with the DPD. The notes below are the starting point as forwarded by Dan Tarker, Roy Arauz and Aaron more. As always, either reach out to the directly or email me if you want to get connected with the project leads.

Here is an off the cuff mission statement. We'll refine it as we move forward.

The mission of the space committee is threefold:
• To talk with independent theatre companies about their challenges and needs in regards to securing rehearsal and performance spaces.
• To connect with current theatre venues offering rental spaces to theatres for rehearsal and performances in order to learn what their issues are and how to support their business models.
• To build relationships with non-traditional or alternative spaces (store fronts, office buildings, schools, etc.) to learn how independent theatres can secure these spaces at an affordable rate.
• To develop a mechanism to deliver this information and help independent theatre companies secure space for their performances.
• To investigate possibilities surrounding developing a theatre space that can be shared by a number of independent theatres in a cooperative manner.

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