Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And Oh Lordy was some further discussion held

We'll be posting results of this fantastic evening (our final lists, projects and contacts, more discussion notes) in the coming days, but I can tell you this - when I departed the pub near 1am, I was not the last to leave. I am incredibly honored to be part of the group of people who gathered tonight, because they did more than talk (though talk we did that AT LENGTH) - they put their names down and they started working on new projects right then and there.

I could not have hoped for more from this night. Watching artists challenge and be challenged and step up - I'm at a loss for further words.

Except these.

Thank you.


  1. Boy, I sound a lot like event organizer Jim Jewell in this entry.

  2. Um, oops, yeah. Forgot you were still logged in on my laptop.