Monday, August 1, 2011

Jake Groshong Asks Important Questions

Eliminate the notion that theaters are competing against each other for audience base. More information sharing. Availability of space sharing...Organizations that have a structure to take a lead in making spaces available.

Why isn't there a committee that is focused on finding more alternative spaces for theater companies to perform in?

Re-start the Fringe Festival, throws in the hat for Balagan Theater, is willing to discuss that creation after What's Next is completed.

Asks for the creation of more community based committees that gathers forces to address theater needs.

Discussion Items:
Seattle Scenic Studios, makes it possible to inexpensively create scenic Design

Beth Raas did her thesis on the recreation of the Seattle Fringe and has a business model already in place.

TPS is stretched beyond belief, a call to have delegates from each theater company to devote to addressing this issue.

NEXT: Jena Cane.

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