Monday, August 1, 2011

Post Presentation Discussion

What follows are some of the salient points raised during this time, updated sporadically.

Creation of a list of available resources that could be shared among theater companies (Resource Sharing List).

Resurrection of Seattle Fringe Festival, starting with the creation of an exploratory/advisory committee.

Identification of "Fringe" as merely a label that was created for local media to latch onto. As a label it is problematic...'Fringe Festival' is an international brand.

It is possible to get more people in the door, it is a core value that we should adopt.

Space is a core issue, but it is important to note that the old models do not necessarily work for all companies. Need to focus on ways that opportunities are available for all.

Need to figure out a way to get DPD to cooperate with community.

Is it possible to develop a mobilized lights and sound system for smaller companies to share for productions. A modular equipment project.

The community is greatly undervalued within the city as seen with 619 Western, Columbia City Cinera, etc.

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