Monday, August 1, 2011

Post Show Discussion Continued

Fiscal solvency needs to be a core value.

The creation of a central fund to help monetize civic arts within the city.

A workshop/symposium to develop ways to communicate with the city.

Fact sharing between artists teaching ways to handle arts resources.

Hive launch.

Bringing people together to help focusing on identifying and using the resources available. Creation of a think tank to create a formal structure to help people understand the civic resources available.

Are other arts in Seattle doing some of this work already? What are the lessons that they have learned.

Leveraging a theater alliance, in order to be able to apply for larger grants.

Creating a volunteer coordinator in order to contact TPS aligned organizations and attempt to get them to staff volunteer hours.

TPS could be used more often than it is.

Pacha Kucha bi-annual symposium
Local playwright initiative

Seattle Public Schools, opportunity talk to S Public Schools in order to use their spaces as theatrical venues. Further tied into a space allocation committee.

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