Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lists: Creating a Commonplace

Once our speakers finished last night, we took a short break and then reconvened to have a group discussion aimed at filling out four lists: Values, Challenges, Opportunities and Projects. The last list speaks for itself, and we'll be posting project entries along with contact info for those who want to help shortly.

The aim of the other three lists was to create a commonplace - to get down on paper some ideas we could come to rough consensus on, and from which we can proceed. Here is what we came up with (and you will see crossover amongst the lists):

(think of this in term of statement of belief - modeled on NPR's "This I Believe")
- sharing/collaboration/mentoring are valuable
- we can get more people through the doors
- value to working together in lobbying efforts
- communicating and demonstrating that we take responsibility (fiscal responsibility, respect for existing structures and ourselves)
- sustainability - financial, human
- diversity and the conscious embrace of ethnic, gender, age - the need for greater diversity backstage and onstage
- there is real value in our contributions to Seattle

- "fringe" is problematic (or maybe it isn't)
- lack of space (performance, rehearsal and shop)
- difficulties of owning/managing a space
- working with Seattle DPD
- perceived value of theatre
- education about Seattle organizations/government
- communicating with non-theater audience
- fiscal solvency/responsibility

- sharing of resources (space, props, costumes)
- ArtsCrush connecting with other festivals
- open ears in the Mayor's office
- modular light/sound package
- educational exchanges and mentorship
- mine the lessons learned from/by other art forms
- TPS - volunteer your time, commit your company
- underused performance space in Seattle Public Schools

There was so much more of value said. I encourage anyone who attended to share their thoughts - either email me the notes you want posted or a request to be added as a blog author. I'll try to make sense of my event notes and share them as well.

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