Monday, August 1, 2011

Carl Sander: Pacha Kucha

Essentially presenting another idea in which to share ideas with other like minded individuals, specifically Pacha Kucha, which is identified as a very convivial way to communicate ideas.

Carl would like to have one that addresses the culture in Seattle specifically...Some theme ideas: The Last Word (A Critic and artist talk about the dynamic between the two fields) ...A Brief History of arts and history in Seattle. Arts and Sports and their overlap. 10 Ideas to Build Community and Structure. And others.

Has a plan he's willing to talk about.

The demographic of Pacha Kucha and Ignite (two other similar models that have proven successful in Seattle) are pretty broad, a great way to get community involved with us.

Next: Caitlin Sullivan.

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  1. If Carl wants to talk to one of the organizers of Pecha Kucha, I'd be more than happy to talk to him. I've been on the committee for a few years (although not as active recently), and, with Sheila Siden, coordinated one held at Wing-It last summer. It's a great format, and I'd love to help out.