Monday, August 1, 2011

Ten Minutes Before It Begins

And the personages are filtering in...Various ADs and company members from up and down the Seattle Theatrical landscape.

A quick glance through the scheduled speakers (who will receive their turns to address the crowd at random) showcase that same diversity:

Live Girls' AD Meaghan Arnette, Tyrone Brown, Balagan Theater's Jake Groshong and Ryan Higgins, Playwright and general provocateur Carl Sander, Tech Director and former AD of A Theater Under The Influence Craig Bradshaw, AD of the BrownBox Theater Tyrone Brown...Just a few of the people who will be sharing their ideas this evening.

A complete listing of who is attending would take more time than is given at the moment, suffice it to say it's an impressive list.

The format for presentation favors the quick and speedy, a basic introduction of an idea, quick informal discussion of same and then a quick shift to the next topic. We will do our best to bring you the highlights.

And now, the waiting...

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