Thursday, August 4, 2011


I will endeavor to get individual posts for each project up before I head to NoCal tomorrow, but for now wanted to make sure I shared what made it to the big list on the wall on Monday. As always email me if you need help connecting with a project you are interested in.

Note, too, that I am just writing names on as they appeared on the list - help me sort out any mistakes or make important adds.

Committee to re-launch the Fringe Festival
- Jake Groshong
- Beth Raas-Bergquist

Advisory committee to connect with other festivals
- Sarah Grosman
- Maridee Slater
- Dani Prados

Coordinated Lobbying Efforts
- Jose Amador
- Andy Fife (we only added him because he and I have discussed this briefly - you aren't on any hooks, Andy, but important to that discussion)

Hive launch
- Maridee Slater
- Renata Friedman
- Dani Prados

Short Takes on Art/PechaKucha
- Carl Sander
- Jim Jewell

Local Playwright Initiative
- Jim Jewell
- Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest
- Meghan Arnette

Holes Not Drills - Marketing Meeting Re-Launch
- Jim Jewell

Seattle Public Schools Venues
- Craig Bradshaw

Community Resource Network (prop/costume sharing)
- Rob Raas-Bergquist
- Shane Regan

Coordinating Volunteers for TPS
- Can someone please remind me who took this one on?

The Space Committee
- Aaron Moore
- Dan Tarker
- Roy Arauz

If you have taken a lead on a project and I didn't list you, or you have updates, please email me. And, as I mentioned, I'll be adding single posts with as many project details as I have today.

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  1. The volunteer coordinator for TPS was me- Nikki Przasnyski :o)