Monday, August 1, 2011

About Our Moderators and Rules of Engagements

Peggy Gannon, an actress with a ton of producing history in town, most recently as one of the founding members of Man Alone Productions.

Andy Forrest, founder of Entros, and a general entrepreneur here to help us formalize the proceedings

Speakers are given three minutes to present their ideas, after that time, two minutes are given over to the audience to address the issues raised by the idea.

After an hour, we will have gotten through our speakers for the evening. A quick break occurs, and then a broader conversation will occur in which Values, Challenges, Opportunities and Projects are identified and listed.

Moderators reserve the right to table discussion to later address at the George and Dragon Pub.

Up first is Maridee Slater and Dani Prados, a the third member of their company who were responsible for crafting a letter that helped spark this event.

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