Friday, August 5, 2011

Final thoughts before leaving for NoCal

Just wanted to share a few thoughts before I ditch town for a few days of much-needed rest.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who came out on Monday night, because it was incredibly energizing to share space with such smart, passionate artists. And I want to thank AJ for letting us come and play in his beautiful West of Lenin space.

And, I say play, because it was fun. I laughed, I gave an "amen," I may have done an Arsenio fist pump because I'm that old. But, the most important thing was that we got to work.

That's really why I tried to bring this meeting together, and was so happy with how it went. If something is important, if it has value, we do it. We take the same positive, generative, proactive, can-do spirit that gets every one of our productions on stage and we apply it to the art of business.*

Before I leave, I'm going to shoot a bunch of author invite to this blog around. Please use it to organize for as long as it is valuable, post info and contacts for projects, but let's get these projects a life and home of their own as soon as possible. Our aim isn't to build a new structure, but better use what we have.

Much love to everyone in this crazy, wonderful community of artists - see you next week!


* - props again to Tyrone Brown for bringing this phrase into the discussion.

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